Main stages of alcohol treatment- recognize the problem


The problem of alcohol addiction is very often. It can touch people of all ages. The trouble with excessive drinking affects both men and women. Reasons of addiction might be found in the social situation. Often drinkers come from pathological families. According to some studies tendencies to addiction are also inherited, however a large extent may be a matter of genes. Another reason for alcoholism are a variety of diseases, including mental and neurotic background. Base healing of addiction can be found in the network.



The first stage of the treatment of alcohol addiction


Damian, therapist said: 'The first step in treatment is diagnose. While treatment stage of diagnosing is extremely important, it is necessary to conduct consultation with a specialist of drug treatment, as well as a psychiatrist. Diagnosing applies to establish a direct relationship with the patient.




The next step is to recognize the problem. Many honest conversation helps but this is not always possible. Very often, patients are reluctant when it comes to admitting to alcohol problems. After the diagnosis, the stage associated with the determination of the patient's readiness to change drinking pattern. Where appropriate test is conducted psychological and comes to the planning of therapeutic interventions. While the diagnosis can also enable the treatment of appropriate pharmacological. The next step is to define clear terms of cooperation therapeutic and constant motivation of the patient to make a life change.'