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Medical treatment of alcohol dependence

Although many people particularly affected by alcoholism believe that recovery from addiction is possible, however, the current level of medicine allows it. It is important, however to applies to both psychological therapy and pharmacology. Specialized facility dedicated to the treatment of addiction could be found at


Therapy of addiction - main phases


Ola, therapist: 'In case of patient addicted to alcohol primarily the most important thing is to carry out therapeutic work, which is the initial phase. What is the therapeutic work? It is mainly to convince the patient to reduce alcohol consumption or even to stop drinking. This is not as easy to guess simple. During the initial phase, therapists must first and foremost support the patient. I motivates patients, I try to show them the disadvantages of addiction. It is important to renew the relationship with the patient's family, it always helps in therapeutic work. During the initial phase I care about strengthening skills related to coping addict hunger, as well as longer time of abstinence. After the initial phase is the phase of the primary, which begins recognition by the patient of his problem. Very often at this stage it is necessary to make changes in lifestyle of sick person. Without this, no further treatment is pointless and the entire treatment may go to waste.'