Women and alcoholism

Alcoholism in women goes through different paths of those that occur with men,  and, different answers are found when discussing this problematic. There are also  specific treatments, because the causes and habits may varies. Actually there are great clinics with advanced treatments in this field - recoverfromalcohol.co.uk/Alcohol-Recovery-Service

There is a high percentage of women who drink privately, which does not attest that alcoholic women do not drink in public. However, the representativeness given by them when drinking in the private sphere, as the behavior that reveals the  alcoholism, it seems pointing to a specificity form of female drinking. The disorders caused by female alcoholism change in lifestyle, women, it is essential to report on the the support of family , self-help groups and clinics. So that these women continue to adhere to the treatment Or to feel strong enough to initiate therapy.



The chemical mechanisms of the effects of alcohol on the body are known, as severe, as women can handle less alcohol than men. It seems that such consequences have a lot of immunological, therefore they will be very dependent on the individuality of each one.

And physiological certainties we already have to differentiate the woman from the man - the muscular mass and the fat mass, the capacity to metabolize the alcohol, the hormonal influence, so cyclical in the woman. But let us advance to the female psychosocial specificity.

Until recently, woman was the guardian of virtue, bearer of inner, moral, as well as external, physical beauty - unlike what was required of man. But today, "equality" tends to neglect that particular biological substrate. The woman began to say no to motherhood, to start smoking and getting drunk. They even intend to outdo man.

But a single mother has social and child-rearing conditions that are more difficult than the generality of married mothers. But the owners of the charm, the sweet mothers and fairies of the home, why seduce themselves to alcoholism? Their female specificity, in fact, comparatively to men, are more vulnerable to the toxic action of alcohol, they get sick earlier, with multi-factorial causality, with more marked and humiliating personal deterioration, with more evasive social repercussions and with privileged attainment To the offspring.

This pseudo-evolution / emancipation already shows the erasing of the differences between the sexes, with an increasing trend towards the equalization of consumption and the inversion of consumption habits between rural and urban environments. There is a high risk for alcoholism and a greater tendency for depression, alcoholism leading to severe changes in behavior contributes to the deterioration of the couple's relationships. - Conflict replaces dialogue, physical and moral aggression, distrust and delirium of jealousy endanger your own life.



And the children?

The effects of violent parents is probably a good candidate for a new family life where violence is "normal". Often descendants give back to society and parents the violence experienced. We know that children of alcoholic mothers have more mental delays and personality disorders of multiple assumptions, including antisocial and violent behaviors.


For all that reasons, is very important seek for help asearlier as possible.